NEW Flight of Passage ride queue, pre-show in Pandora - The World of Avatar at Walt Disney World

に公開 / Get "Avatar" on Blu-ray: Shop the ITM store: Visit for more Pandora ...

Flight of Passage Full Ride POV at Pandora: World of Avatar

に公開 / On ride video of Flight of Passage at Pandora: World of Avatar in Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Ride on the back of a banshee on a thrilling trip ...

Closer look at Avatar Flight of Passage ride vehicles in Pandora at Animal Kingdom

に公開 / See the instruction video for how guests enter the ride vehicles for Avatar Flight of Passage, then get a closer look at the vehicles themselves. SUBSCRIBE ...

Avatar - Flight of Passage Ride POV

に公開 / Disney's Animal Kingdom new ride, Flight of Passage in Pandora World. Avatar.

NEW RIDE!!!! Disney World Animal Kingdom: Avatar Flight of Passage Ride Video 4K HD VIDEO (POV)


[4K] Avatar Ride Full Tour of Flight of Passage ride Queue - Disney's Animal Kingdom

に公開 / [4K] Beautiful Queue Tour of Avatar Land: Flight of Passage Ride in Low Light. It's the #1 attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom Pandora Land. Make sure to Visit ...

Avatar Flight of Passage queue walkthrough and pre-show inside Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom

に公開 / Take a look inside the queue for Avatar Flight of Passage, from the entrance all the way to the pre-show rooms. SUBSCRIBE ...

DISNEY'S WORLD OF AVATAR! Pandora Theme Park Ride Animal Kingdom Flight of Passage |FUNnel Summer #5

に公開 / We ride the Na'avi River Journey & Flight of Passage in the WORLD of AVATAR! A Pandora Themed Exhibit at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park! Thumbs ...

Avatar Flight of Passage & Na’vi River Journey | Pandora - The World of Avatar

に公開 / Floating mountains, rainforests that glow with life, thrilling flights aboard a banshee. It's a world beyond belief. It's Pandora. Expeditions begin May 27 from ...

Avatar Flight of Passage Pre-Show - Disney's Animal Kingdom

に公開 / Pandora - The World of Avatar officially opens in Disney's Animal Kingdom on May 27, 2017. One of the land's two new attractions, Avatar Flight of Passage, has ...


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