Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai, China

に公開 / A walk round Shanghai's International Airport on my departure after 3 lovely days Shanghai. Departure hall and airside areas seen, duty free shops, airplanes ...

Llegamos a Shanghai! Feat. Regina Blandón Día 1

に公開 / Mi primer viaje a China Baja el App de Alan por el mundo Link para app. itunes ...

دزني شنقهاي اكبر مدينة العاب باسيا ( 40# ) Disney Shanghai is largest entertainment city of Asia

に公開 / 12 ساعة فترة بقائي بالمدينة ولم يتم تغطية جميع الاقسام لكبر حجمها - القوا نظرة على قناتي الأولى الوثائقية...

Traveling from Beijing or Shanghai Airport to Downtown

に公開 / Check out my other helpful travel tips and subscribe at: Don't forget to thumbs up this video! Shanghai airport, beijing airport, airport ...

Maglev train ride to Shanghai Pudong Int'l Airport [ uncut ]

に公開 / We took the Magnetic Levitation Train from Shanghai's LongYang metro station to Pudong International Airport. I left the footage uncut so you can experience the ...

Rolls Royce Phantom - Shanghai PVG Airport to The Peninsula Hotel, Shanghai, China

に公開 / The Peninsula Hotel Shanghai's Rolls Royce Phantom (Peninsula Edition) - the 45 minute ride from Shanghai Pudong Airport on arrival to the Hotel. Totally ...


に公開 / Meet your favourite Disney Character in The Biggest Disneyland Park in Asia and explore China with us... ASIA SPECTACULAR TOUR 17 - 23 September 2017 ...

Shanghai Disney Resort (2016) - Metro Station Opens

に公開 /

Shanghai Maglev - World's Fastest Commercially Operating Train

に公開 / This is the Shanghai Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) train, the world's fastest commercially operating train, with a top operating speed of 431kph (268mph) - Enjoy ...

The Seven Hour Shanghai Layover

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