Working at Shanghai Disneyland as a Sanitation Officer/Donald Duck

に公開 / Donnie gets a gig working sanitation at Shanghai Disneyland Snapchat: DonnieDoes Instagram: TheWontonDon Facebook: ...

5 Good & Bad Things About Shanghai Disneyland

に公開 / Recently, I got back from Shanghai Disneyland and had a marvelous time! I was asked to share some of my good and bad experiences to here they are!

Shanghai Disneyland Closes Some Rides, People Got REALLY Mad

に公開 / The recently opened Shanghai Disney Resort had to close down five rides due to "unpredictable conditions" (without warning), prompting park-goers to criticize ...

Watch Me Living #37 - I Love And Hate Disneyland Shanghai

に公開 / Shanghai Part 6 this is footage from before my hair cut, don't get confused :) my love and hate relationship with disneyland shanghai FTC: I'm not Kim ...

#004 OUAFT - Shanghai Disneyland, New products, TV Reviews & My DI3 Toybox

に公開 / 1) A comprehensive review of Shanghai Disneyland. 2) 11:42 Upcoming Disney product mentions 3) 13:29 TV reviews on PBS' American Experience on Walt ...

SCRAPPED - Disney's America Theme Park

に公開 / SUBSCRIBE for more Scrapped things ▷ ▽ MORE LINKS BELOW ▽ HELLO and welcome to ChrisCrossMedia! My name is Chris and ...

Shanghai Disney Resort Begins Test Run

に公開 / The Shanghai Disney Resort began an internal test run on Saturday to prepare for its grand opening on June 16. The theme park, the first Disney park in the ...

Visitors Enjoy Mixture of Cultures at Shanghai Disney Resort

に公開 / Visitors have been enjoying the mixture of cultures on display at the Shanghai Disney Resort during the first two days of the theme park's internal test run.

Ignite the Dream's Tests #1 (2016) - Shanghai Disney Resort

に公開 / Premiers tests pyrotechniques du spectacle Inite the Dream de Shanghai Disney Resort... ...

Shanghai Disneyland Will Be Most Technologically Advanced Disney Park Yet, CEO Says

に公開 / Dec. 21 -- Robert Iger, chairman and chief executive officer at Walt Disney Company, talks about the company's commitment to China with a focus on the ...


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